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Board of Directors

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About the Board of Directors

PeerWorks has a governance type board whose activities include:

Directors are not involved in day to day operations and management of the organization.

PeerWorks’s board model focuses on being “skills-based” as opposed to “representative”. We use a Skills and Diversity Matrix to identify experiences that contribute to the interests of the organization and its members and to assess our bench strength for the nomination process. Although the directors’ role is not to represent specific groups or regions, we aim to reflect the geographic and demographic diversity of our member groups – groups which may operate in urban, rural or remote settings and whose levels of empowerment range from complete independence, through various degrees of autonomy, to being small programs within mainstream mental health service organizations or institutions.

PeerWorks has nine directors who are elected to two-year terms of office and may be re-elected for up to three terms. The exception to this is when vacant positions are appointed mid-term by the Board. We attach expiry dates to positions in an attempt to facilitate succession and achieve balance between newer and longer serving directors.

Board applicants must be members in good standing of an PeerWorks member organization. One director may come from the Associate membership. Director applications are considered by a nominating committee which invites applications, conducts interviews, and recommends a slate to the Board which is in turn moved to members at the Annual General Meeting. The Executive (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary) are elected by the Board just after the AGM.

The Board’s current meeting schedule includes two day face to face “retreats” on a quarterly basis, usually at weekends, plus teleconferences as needed. For timely handling of issues we also use email discussion threads and electronic voting where appropriate and possible, with any e-votes ratified at the next board meeting.

We welcome and encourage our members to bring good candidates to the attention of the nominating committee by emailing or by speaking to a member of the Board.

Board Members

Andrea Schaefer

Chair/President (Carleton Place)

Andrea Schaefer is a nationally and provincially Certified Peer Supporter, Mental Health Advocate and Volunteer.

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Rachel Bromberg

Vice-President (Toronto)

Rachel Bromberg is the Co‐Founder of the Reach Out Response Network, which is an advocacy focused non‐profit dedicated to supporting the city of Toronto.

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Jodie Grigsby

Treasurer (Hamilton)

Jodie Grigsby is a Voice Hearer from the Hamilton Mountain who views her experiences as a gift and
who comes from a long line of folx who experience the world differently. 


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Tyrone Gamble

Director (Ottawa)

Tyrone Gamble is a peer support worker and mental health and addictions advocate in Ottawa. He provides peer support in both the community and in several hospitals.

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Fiona Blair

Director (Toronto)

Fionna is a life-long advocate for reform and change in mental health and addiction care. 

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Calvin Prowse

Director (Hamilton)

Calvin is a resident of West Hamilton and a social work student at McMaster University, where they use the frameworks of Mad Studies, Critical Disability Studies, and Disability Justice to inform their work.

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Elizabeth Tremblay

Director (Toronto)

Elizabeth is the Founder of Mentor/Mentee Canada, an organization to support the complex homeless sector through the value of Peer Support, Peer Support employment, and lived experience leadership!

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Colene Allen

Director (Waterloo)

Colene has been actively involved in peer support group facilitation for the last nine years, both as a volunteer and a staff member with Self-Help and Peer Support Services at CMHA Waterloo-Wellington, with a specialization in Mental Health & Wellness Skills.

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